Meehan Hall Spring Cleanup

This past Saturday we were out early with rakes,shovels, brooms and blowers to clean up around the parking lot at Meehan Hall. This yearly event is some of our thanks to Immaculate Conception School and Parish for allowing us to use Meehan Hall as our usual gathering space. The kids were out working harder (and talking less) than the adults. Here are a couple pictures thanks to our Tiger Den Assistant Den Leader:

IMG_0817 IMG_0816

Body Language Den Meeting Notes – Joseph L.

Today my den members and I in Pack 24, Den 5 (with

four members, Me, Gabe C., Murphy D., and

Ronan W..) (I’m Joseph and me and my den are

Webelos 1.) had a den meeting about body language.

I said, “Hey, we forgot requirement 6 for the

communicator pin.”, which is to text or write a letter a

friend, a family member, or to the Boy Scouts Website

(which I’m doing now.)

What I enjoyed most about meeting was the “body

language game”. The body language game is played by

making an emotion but, unlike charades, you can’t make

noises. The objective is to guess the emotion. I liked the

acting better… It was funny and we used a variety of


This was part of our communicator pin. We will also be

awarded our Webelos badge at our annual Blue and Gold

banquet in May.

Turns out I’m a better writer than I thought…