Robin Nesting Perch

For March, the boys of Wolf Den 1, built a robin nest perch as part of their goal towards achievement 5. The boys starting out by learning about different hand tools that would help them in building the project. Each boy then had the opportunity to use those tools to build a robin nesting perch based on a plan found at Coveside Bird Houses. The pieces of material were pre-cut and prepared by a parent.

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Intel Fab 17 Tour

On May 30th, the members of Cub Scout Den 1, visited the Intel Silicon Wafer Fabrication Facility in Hudson, Ma. The boys were given a window tour of the manufacturing facility where microprocessors are made. They got a chance to hold a view a silicon wafer up close to see the etching on it that made up the circuits in the microprocessor. Afterwards, everyone had a chance to put on the full clean room outfit, nicknamed “Bunny Suit” that the Intel engineers wear as part of their gear while making the silicon wafers. Additionally, the den had the opportunity to tour a testing laboratory where the microprocessors are tested in actual computers and some more hands on opportunity to touch a microprocessor that was fully packaged.

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